Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mail call

It's been a while since I sat down and really pondered over the deep, hidden meaning contained in the missives that fall in on me. Some good, some not, but it's all very telling.

1. A "Daily Monitoring Alert' from my credit reporting service. When I signed up for this through the bank I was just going to find out what they had on me and then cancel it...but I'm hooked. I like knowing who has investigated my credit and why. I've been a 'credit repairing' stage of my life, so I like it when the things I've paid off show up, and those magical credit ratings creep higher. I'm no longer beneath notice! I exist!

2. My first bill for my new cell phone service, and the source of the most recent investigation. Ouch. I like having a cell and all, but really! This reminds me of something to put on my ever expanding to do list: set up bill pay through my bank account, so this will be taken care of every month without me having to do anything but have enough money in the bank. Those of us who procrastinate must set these things up, for our own good. So first bill is painful, but at least I won't f*** this up.

3. Letter from Loew's theaters (see preceding blog). Ms. Linda Garland has sent me the regulation canned response, crafted to give one the impression that someone *may* have read my letter and given it some though. In reality, this is the regulation canned brush off, to whit: Dear ________, Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent visit to AMC/Loews. Your feedback is crucial to our commitment to provide the best pososible moviegoing experience. We appreciate your honesty about your experience and we are truly sorry we did not meet your expectations.

At AMC Theatres, we are passionate about meeting our guests' expectations every time they visit. Please know that we continually evaluate our policies to improve the experience for our guests and your thoughts will be included at our next review (oh I'd like to be a bug on that wall, so I could hear them guffaw). Thank you again for sharing your comments. We look forward to seeing you at the movies. Sincerely, Linda Garland.

I'm not faulting Linda, the task of printing out the canned letter fell to her, and she performed it well. If her signature hadn't been laser printed right along with the rest of the letter, I might have believed some thought went into it. But, it is just a canned letter. I may return a canned volley right back at them. I haven't many canned., pre-written letters at the ready to send out in these instances, but I may just have to work one up for this. :) Don't worry, it will at least sound like I'm being nice about it, on a surface read....heh.

4. My 2008 Writer's Desk Calendar. Yes I know it's April already, but when I ran across this the other day I wanted it, since I'm in one of those infrequent states of belief in my writing self and it's ability to bring money into the household. I like it and it's inspirational paragraphs for each week, each by a working writer. J. Conrad Guest makes it sound more of a depressing grind, but I suppose that's reality. Hmmmmm. La la la, I can't HEAR you..... :)

5. Letter from the psychiatrist they made me see a couple of months ago (for a medication review, ostensibly). She is leaving her practice and moving out of state. Hmmmm, perhaps my hard line of "I really don't need this" was too much for her, bwa ha ha. She was a nice, respectful doctor, though. I liked her and wish her good luck.

6. An invitation to a Plateau Native Arts Celebration at a local museum (I am a member). I'm there! Members of the Yakama, Umatilla and Nez Perce nations will demonstrate the living arts of the Columbia Plateau.

7. The Scott Blue Ribbon News, all about the genealogy/family reunion that is scheduled. A Historical Marker is being placed at the old cemetery, I have never gone back for one of these sorts of meetings, and I want to be there. I particularly want to go to church on Sunday with the family. The pioneer members of my family started Scott's Chapel, reportedly the first Methodist church in present day Hill County, with my great great grandfather as the pastor.

We owe the fact that this chapel is still there and cared for, to Willie Nelson! He attended this church as a young child, and when this church merged with another church some years ago, Willie bought the building, saying that it would forever remain a church in the Abbott community. Super cool, Willie!

So this News reminds me that I have a trip to Texas coming up, a state I have never visited. I hope I can keep a grip on myself and refrain from any 'bush' comments. Will avoid politics, must avoid politics!

8. Capitol One wants to sign me up for a credit card....unfortunately the $69 fee now, plus $69 per year, plus 24% APR convince me to pass on this one. Cough cough, highway robbery! There is a shredder in the future of this letter...

9. This year's Grandluxe Rail Journeys booklet has arrived. I keep it near, the better to drool over these trips. I wanna, I wanna! Even if everyone in the pictures looks a lot older than I am, I wanna.

Nothing from any Nigerian Princes, wishing to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, it is possible that they have given up on me falling for any of this. Don't miss the baloney, do miss (a little bit) their courtly manner of writing. I once worked for a 'mystical fraternal order' (which shall remain nameless) which had a large Nigerian membership. as I worked in 'adjustment' (My order didn't get here, where did it go? sorts of problems), I corresponded with many. I enjoyed their exceedingly well mannered way of dealing with their problems.

Well this has all been well and good, I think it's off to dream land for me. I'm hoping to have more time and energy, and start getting around to more of your blogs. The last year or so has been one of many surgeries and resultant recovery periods. I miss having the energy I once did, but I know it will return. It all just takes time, one of the truest of truisms.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Loew Down Blues

I took my daughter to see 'the Spiderwick Chronicles' today. I have seen this movie once already, when I took both her and a couple of her friends to see it. All of them are developmentally delayed, would need both a ride to the movie (and home again), and assistance with all the little details of movie-going. This was a Loew's theater.

I felt it appropriate to ask for a caregiver pass. After all, when I took the three to a Regal theater to see this previously, said Regal theater had no problem giving me a pass.

Loew's flat out refuses, as does AMC, according to the manager.. "This is a corporate policy", the manager told me. I asked the manager if he realized that this is a poor economic policy for this movie chain. in addition to the fact that it discriminates against handicapped individuals. There are times when I bring as many as ten developmentally delayed individuals to the movies. That is TEN paying customers who would have been unable to attend if they were unescorted. I usually bring at least three or four.

That leaves alone the fact that folks who are dd are usually economically disadvantaged. If they have to pay for themselves and their staff (in most cases it is staff) person who accompanies them, most could not afford it. This would have the effect of barring them from participating in a recreation that our society prizes highly.

Perhaps Loew's just 'doesn't like their kind'. As we were leaving the theater today, I saw a person going in with a service dog. I wondered if they charged the service dog...after all, it's the same exact thing. Perhaps Loew's feels that I (as a staff or care giver) am benefiting from seeing the movie in a way that a dog could not. Most of the time, I'm in and out of the theater as people have needs that need to be met (refreshments, maybe someone needs the bathroom). And believe me, after I attended Spy Kids 3 (completed with 3-d glasses) for the third time, I felt that I was undergoing torture...paying for the privilege would have added insult to injury. Thank you Regal, for giving me a care-giver pass.

Dear Loew's: Those three viewings of Spy Kids 3 brought Regal Theaters no less than 30 PAYING CUSTOMERS. Your corporate policy is economically wrong-headed in the extreme.

PS. I'm a considerate utilizer of the ADA act. I never ask for a pass on the opening weekend, especially for movies that could easily sell out the theater. I'm not there to lose money for the theater or get a freebie for myself.