Sunday, April 5, 2009

Treasure Hunter: Kirsten Gum - Bones and Relics

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I've heard rumblings that this show might be cancelled...I certainly hope this is not the case! Some version of this show (that once was Cash and Treasures) deserves to remain. I especially love the shows that center on US destinations, since it is one more way to explore the endless variety that exists in this country. That said, the Brazilian and Australian shows were great fun (C&T). Travel Channel, when can we expect a new season?

Bones and Relics is the one episode that I haven't previously seen, unless another one pops out, and that would be an unexpected surprise. This the megalodon shark teeth part of this episode, the first half. Cash and Treasures also did an episode on shark teeth, with Becky Worley. First, they sift the bottom of an Florida inland river in search of teeth, with some success. After Kirsten swims with sharks in an aquarium tank (something she repeatedly said she had wanted to do all her life), they head out for a dive in the Gulf of Mexico.

Instead of thinking well I don't dive, I'm slowly developing a desire to learn to dive. The thought of diving in warm water entices. They found some cool stuff, and looked pretty good in their wetsuits. I'm not going to think about how I would look in a wetsuit, but hey, who really cares about that? It just looks like fun.

Next they hunt for relics in the South Carolina swamps, on the sites of old plantations. In temperatures above 100 degrees, in humidity we don't want to think about, I'm thinking this is something better done in spring or fall. The bugs. The spiders. The poisonous snakes! Yikes! Lots of history learned...I make plenty of my own heat and humidity, this definitely does not appeal, lol.

Must start planning my star garnet expedition...

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