Monday, May 18, 2009

Raloxifene dreams

Or maybe it is my subconscious screaming Alert! Alert!

Today, I dreamed that I was working on the computer, looking at a conspicuously full inbox and making delete/keep kinds of decisions. I stop on one email, the title of which was 'Denmark (something)". I get a lot of travel oriented email, and if I'm the mood to read them I do...or I just delete them in favor of getting on with business. But wait...I don't recall ever having gotten a 'visit Denmark' I decide to open it and read the text at least.

I open the email, just open it mind you, and suddenly control of my computer is seized. Cascades of colors fill the screen, falling. I head directly for the red 'X' in the corner of the screen, to close the page. There is no X! Oh no, what now? I try other ways to close a page, yet when I do more pages open. None have the slightest thing to do with Denmark.

You have no idea what sort of adrenalin rush I get (and it's not a good kind) if I think I've inadvertently granted admission to a computer virus! I'm moving to reboot the computer (and it's not responding, just spinning it's wheels), and I wake up. Whew! It was only a dream!

It's 7am and I hear noises coming from the kitchen. It's youngest daughter, toasting waffles for breakfast. She and I have an ongoing battle over syrup usage. I do buy 'lite' syrup, but she has a penchant for putting on half a bottle, the better to have puddles on the plate, like on the tv commercials. I have given her a shot glass to measure syrup, but I know she's not really using it, so I went in and oversaw the procedure personally. One shot glassful, perfect amount!

Yesterday's dream: The main thing I remember is my friend Maggie suddenly cutting into my dream world, screaming loudly for me to WAKE UP!!! I was staying with a young lady that Maggie normally cares for. This young lady is a diabetic, and her blood sugars have been all over the map lately, hard to attune. It's a fear of mine, when her blood sugar levels are unpredictable, that she will drop too low before morning, causing a true life and death crisis. Well, now that Maggie has screamed me to consciousness, I awoke my young one and checked her blood sugar. High. In fact, it's one or two points higher than it was around 11pm when I last checked it. What the? She normally drops about 100 points during the night, so we try for around 200 at the 11pm check. Go figure, I don't know. I take care of her from time to time, and I have sat bolt upright in the middle of the night before, with her blood sugar on my mind. I pay attention to that, because it has happened in the past that she was dangerously low and needed a small snack to raise her sugar back up and safely get her through the night.

So that's two 'Alert' type dreams in a row, which makes me wonder about the raloxifene I started on four days ago (we hope it will prevent me from developing another primary breast cancer). I've read the literature and done an internet search and am finding nothing about sleep disturbances and raloxifene. But you gotta wonder...

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