Tuesday, September 29, 2009

By Cracky!

I started this blog with other thoughts than about health. I make a solemn vow right now that this trend shall not continue! However, this event did make me laugh:

A cane in the hands of a granny (that's me) in pain (that knee) can bring out character traits I did not know I possessed. I've been cripping around for the last couple of months, and I'm getting pretty good at it. However, the other day I got to the elevator in my apartment building, and no matter how many times I pushed the button (yes, I am one of those multiple button pushers. I can't help it. Pray for me), the elevator did not arrive. Plainly it was being held on another floor, but it was taking too long for impatient me. Carefully I rapped on the elevator door, shouting, hello? With no response, I laid a few good raps upon the elevator door and crabbily took the stairs. When me and my torn ACL and MCL labored our way to the second floor, I peeked out. There was the culprit, a young man standing in a half filled elevator, finger upon hold button. I couldn't help myself. "By cracky", I said and brandished my cane. "That's just wrong, you release that elevator right now, young whippersnapper! Wrong I say!" I lapsed into full on codger. Praying that he was moving OUT of the apartments and not IN, I went on my way, leaving that shocked-faced young man to think it out. Bet he's wondering just what a whippersnapper is... Pretty sad, isn't it? I hope I get that knee replacement soon is all I can say.

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